Research Interests

Dr. Raphael G. Raptis is a synthetic inorganic chemist, electrochemist and X-ray crystallographer. His research is focused on the study of metal center cooperation in polynuclear systems supported by pyrazole-derived ligands. Currently active projects include:

  • Catalysis (small molecule activation), electronic structure, redox properties (electron transfer, mixed-valence), magnetic exchange.
  • Functional materials based on polynuclear, redox-active units: Multi-electron acceptors for solar energy conversion, redox-operated porous gas sorbents.
  • Bioinorganic and biomedical aspects of polynuclear complex chemistry: Metalloprotein models, MRI contrast agents, bio-inspired catalysts.
  • Lanthanide and actinide coordination chemistry.
  • X-ray crystallography, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, spectroelectrochemistry, pyrazole coordination chemistry.

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Raphael G. Raptis


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Office: VH 203

Florida International University

11200 SW 8th Street

Miami, FL 33199.